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Study in Australia From Pakistan specially in Australian National University


What are the Reasons of Constipation ?

In this article we brings some quick reasons, what are the reasons of constipation, basically doctors believe constipation brings many other dangerous diseases which may lead to serious consequences.

So it is very essential to know the reasons of constipation.

Reasons of constipation

Reasons of constipation

1: If you do not like to drink water , like 10 to 12 glass of water is very essential to make your stomach stable. less water drinking may lead to constipation.

2: Another reason of constipation is that you prefer food having less fiber.

3: Irregular breakfast, dinner and lunch, make your meals in time to avoid this irritating disease.

4: Another major reason is frequent use of pain relief tablets.

5:  Potato chips, and biscuits frequently.

6: another reasons of constipation is food having full.

7: Antacid medicines containing calcium or aluminum.

You can read detailed health tips article, and on fruits, vegetabls, home remedy, and many more, stay in touch and get updated information.

Hemorrhoid Homeopathic Treatment at Home

Hemorrhoid Homeopathic Treatment at home is one of the best way to get rid from it permanently. In many cases we observe Hemorrhoid again come back and it attack with more power, but in Homeopathic it is very effective and strong way of treatment.

I would like to inform you this type of Hemorrhoid Homeopathic Treatment is for those having bleeding and specially black color bleeding during stool pass.

There will be no side effect of this Homeopathic treatment , but I strongly recommend you before medication, consult with your health practitioners, and discuss your all circumstances before taking doze of any medicine.

Basically homeopathy treat the person as whole and that is why it is more effected as compared to all other methods of treatments.

Hemorrhoid Homeopathic Treatment

Bleeding Hemorrhoid Homeopathic Treatment

The Hemorrhoid Homeopathic Treatment I will guide you is called Hammamelis , in this case a painless blood lost with dark color, and in result patient feel great level of weakness and some time it Leads to low red blood cells and many other problems which we can not discuss here in one article.

Here are Hemorrhoid Homeopathic Treatment formula

Aesculus 30 Power or use as per doctor advise and according to your body condition and age and other previous medical history.You can buy it in shape of Drops and or tablets. take 3 to 4 drops each after 4 hours. this medicine is for at-least 2 months.

Another Homeopathy medicine which you must take along with above , is calcarea fluor 1000, at-least 2 months.

And this medicine I would like to tell you is for those having bleeding without pain and blood is in blackish , I mean blood with black shades, it means this bleeding is not fresh and there is bleeding few hours before in your rectum and when you go for stool it drain and yes in result patient feels too much weakness.

Here is medicine name should take 3 to 4 time at-least 4 days during bleeding. Medicine name is Hamemelis 30 Power, it can available in drops and in tablets, I prefer in drops and I strongly recommends you buy German brand Homeopathy medicine for better result.

Hope this article Hemorrhoid Homeopathic Treatment will gives you great help and get well soon. Please keep visit to read all valued articles on Health Tips and Home remedy.