Benefits of Milk for Human Health

Benefits of milk is our today,s topic of this article.Milk is consider one of the favorite and healthiest food in all over the world.According to doctors and health practitioners Milk is filled with essential nutrients which is very important for human health.these are Calcium, protein, potassium and further we will discuss later in this article.

Milk has 87.5 % Moisture, 4.1 % Cholesterol, 90 mg Phosphorus, 2 mg Iron, little bit Vitamin B, 3.2 % Protein,8 % Iodine and 120 mg Calcium

Benefits of Milk

Doctors says,  colorectal cancer chances are more in geographical areas where people receive less sunlights , doctors suggest this happens due to lack of vitamins D, which we can easily recover from milk, because there is reasonable amount of Vitamins D exist in Milk.

Majority of milk consumer knows milk is very essential for bones, just because ample amount of Calcium and Vitamins D.

Another benefits of Milk, reasonable intake of potassium can greatly improve high blood pressure problem , it helps to lowering the blood pressure.

Milk drinking is greatly help to muscle building and weight loss also.

Due to ample amount amount of Calcium it also helps to strengthen your teeth.

Milk is also very good to improve sexual desire.

How to Prevent Hepatitis C Infection, Health tips

This article is about how to prevent Hepatitis C Infection will explore many valued health tips regarding Hepatitis C . Its very dangerous disease and yes we can care and avoid by following certain cares.

I would like to mention here , there is no hepatitis C Prevention vaccine.So you must be very careful for this to avoid this Disease.

I would like to discuss some prevent Hepatitis C infection tips.

Drug users and diabetes patients using shared needle carelessly are at greater risk, because there is no guarantee when you are using shared needles.You must be careful for this.Like if you use this needle and any other Hepatitis C patient already used it, Virus may inject in your body and you must pay high price for this carelessness. Better be careful.

If you are medical worker and health provider, you must be careful to direct contact with blood, it may be dangerous for you.Any tools that draw blood in the workplace should be discarded safely or sterilized accurately.

Since july 1992 , all transferable organs must be screened for Hepatitis Virus before transplant to other.

Prevent Hepatitis C Infection

Prevent Hepatitis C Infection

Do not share your personal care Items like shaving safety , tooth brush, and any other , It may be dangerous and can cause of Hepatitis c virus.suppose you used a safety of person who already Hepatitis C infected , it may be great chance you can also face this problem, or if you use shared tooth brush, it may also dangerous, because some time person brushing their teeth have blood in his gums and if he has Hepatitis problem , you may also face this problem easily.

Prevent Hepatitis C infection is very important, because if you do not care , it may lead a serious consequences, and i must say you are hiring trouble with out any reason just because you dont care.

If you are fond of Piercing and Tattoos , you must be careful and stay away from such parlor who do not have proper sterilization and hygienic tool.Its a total risk. There are each type of people who attend for Piercing and you can fell in trouble. so I strongly recommends you please stay away from those parlors.

I hope this discussion about how to prevent Hepatitis C Infection will greatly help you.