Lose weight daily diet plan really works

We people think lose weight is really hard work and it require tough dieting and exercise and many other precaution and once we left , we again start gain weight, but in reality it is not like that, if we find around us we can find many easy ways to lose weight.

in our this daily health tips topic we will cover many easy methods which really works for every one, here are some below instruction how to lose weight in our routine life with out having much pain and hard work.

lose weight daily diet plan

How to lose weight with daily diet plan

According to American United states of america health Journal, says people who daily consume 1000 to 1400 milligram calcium in their diet having more chance to burn their fat naturally.

Another research shows, people who consume daily 40% of calories from protein having much more chance to burn fat and lose weight as compared to those people who are on dieting and consume 15% Of calories from protein. So we suggest eat more eggs, eat more meat and beans.

A new research according journal of applied psychology, people having two 30 minutes exercise with 20 minutes rest having more chance to burn their fat and weight loss rather than people having consecutive 60 minutes exercise, hope this will really works and you will follow this instruction during your routine exercise.

According to study and new research of university of Copenhagen, more muscles you have less fat you will , and new research shows people playing soccer 2, to 3 times in week having more muscles than people daily jogging, so hope you will understand which option you require and will get more muscle by playing soccer.

Another new research from College of new jersy shows cyclist who fast ramped up cycle first half of their work and slow down in second will less weight loss and burn fat as compared to cyclist who ramped up cycle slow in first half and fast in second half, that is another great tip to weight loss and burn fat if you are cyclist and want to be slim.

Try to walk with nordic poles , it will increase your weight loss chance 20% more , as compared to people walk with out nordic poles, read more instruction about nordic poles walk from here.

One Australian study found people use olive oil in their food burn more fat as compared to those use other cooking in their food, so use Olive oil and get result positive

University of Tennessee researchers found people include yogurt in their foods and diet having more positive result as compared to people keep away from yogurt just because they freak it cause weight gain.

I am sure all these lose weight daily diet plan will work for you, and please stay in touch for daily health tips and how to stuff.


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