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UBA Transfer Code and Mobile Banking/Magic Banking *919#

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UBA Transfer Code

A lot of people call this code Transfer Code for UBA, some say its UBA Transfer Code, others think its called UBA Mobile Banking, some even call it UBA Bank transfer Code or UBA Code but the right name is UBA USSD Code. But then again, whichever you call it, everyone is correct.

UBA Transfer Code at a Glimpse

For those who have UBA accounts, you can make use of their service called “Magic Banking” by UBA. What can you accomplish with this USSD code, however most people say it’s UBA Transfer Code, because they likely only use it to transfer money within a UBA account to a different UBA account or from a UBA account to other commercial banks in Nigeria. The truth is the UBA Mobile Banking code can accomplish more tasks than just bank transfers, those other actions include: Opening new UBA bank account (made known by a UBA press release), Send funds to UBA and other commercial banks, purchase airtime, take care of your bills and view your bank statement (check the balance in your account). Media111 presents you the directions bellow to allow you learn how to utilize the *919# code for diverse purposes.

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Type of Transaction                       UBA Mobile Banking Code to use

To Inquire for balance                          *919*00#

For recharging your phone                       *919*Amount#

To recharge for others                      *919*Phone number*Amount#

Send money to UBA Account          *919*3*Account number*amount#

Load UBA Prepaid Card          *919*32#

Send money to other Banks            *919*4*Account Number*Amount#

Clear your bills                                      *919*5# ATM

For Card less withdrawal                 *919*30*Amount#

How to Open a New UBA Account with UBA Mobile Banking Code *919#

If you would like to open a new UBA account right from your phone simply Dial *919#, then do according to the instruction you see, once you are done, your account number will be forwarded to the phone number you used to dial the code. Next, visit any UBA branch to ensure you get your BVN linked as well as upgrade the limit of your account. The reason why you should upgrade is because a mobile account cannot deposit more than #20, 000 and the maximum account balance won’t exceed #200,000, but all will change once you a UBA branch. Dial *919# today to create a UBA account on straight from phone even while comfortably laying on your bed.

How to Send Money Making use of UBA Transfer Code

In order to send funds/money using the UBA Transfer Code, take the following steps:

To send money from your own UBA account to a different UBA account, dial *919*3# on the phone number linked to your account at UBA, then input the account number, for example, *919*3*account number*amount#, make sure the account number you enter is not yours, rather, the account number of the money receiver. Remember, *919*3*account number*amount# that is: *919*1234512345*1000#

You can also transfer from UBA account to other commercial banks, simply do the following: dial *919*4*Account number*amount# on your UBA account registered phone number, don’t forget, the account number you will enter is that of the person you are sending money to: For example *919*4*account number*amount# That is; *919*4*1234512345*2000#

How to Buy Airtime With UBA Code

With a UBA account number, you can never run out of airtime, unless you don’t have funds in your account, this is because recharging your phone is way so easy, even recharging the phones of friends and family with the  UBA Mobile Banking Code. To recharge your phone with the UBA Code, follow the following steps. To top up your phone (i.e. your UBA account registered phone number) dial *919*amount# on the registered phone and you’ll promptly recharge with the sum. For example: *919*200# to top up with N200 airtime for yourself.

To top up another phone, friends, family, or your second phone not registered, just dial *919*phone number*amount# on your phone. For example: *919*08023451234*200# this will immediately recharge the phone number you entered with N200.

How to Clear Cills with UBA USSD Code

You can clear bills such as GoTV, DSTV, etc straight from your mobile device using the UBA Mobile Banking, to clear any bill just dial *919*5# on the registered phone number with your UBA account number, the do as instructed on the reply.

How to Get Your Account Balance With UBA Mobile Banking Code

This is very simple, you don’t even have to go to the ATM or visit any of your UBA bank branch. You can check your UBA account balance using the UBA Mobile Baking Code. All you to do is dial *919*00# on UBA account registered phone number and you’ll receive a text displaying your account balance.

How to Change Your UBA Mobile Banking PIN

To change or set up your UBA pin, simply dial *919#, then select PIN Setup from the displayed options to set up or change your PIN.

To know more about UBA Transfer Code, you can reach UBA through this 24/7 Customer Fulfillment Center ( or 234-700 2255-822

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