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The Negative Effects Of Technology On Human Life

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The Negative Effects Of Technology – Technology has become part and parcel of our daily life, as such it becomes necessary that we adapt to it in such a way that we don’t harm ourselves. A lot of people fail to realize the negative effects of technology on human life.

Negative Effects Of Technology

Do you consider yourself as a genius because you have Google to answer all your queries? Have you attempted going a day deprived of your mobile phone? Can you remember the last time you traveled on foot instead of using your car? How do you react to a lost charger or a low battery? Are you the type of guy who falls asleep while reading your Twitter timeline?

Technology has to a great extent transformed our lifestyle. What is the very first thing that comes to your mind every morning? Check your phone for notifications, right? Many great thinkers have already predicted that we humans are going to be ruled by technology, and that explains a lot in our present dispensation.

There are two sides to every coin, right?  As many as the benefits of Technology may appear, it also has undesirable effects. The disadvantages of technology on our atmosphere, health, behavior, affairs, business, schooling, the social order, etc. cannot be overlooked.

Nearly every exploit or action we perform currently is somehow related or dependent on Technology. Thus, making us habituated to it. The condition turns out to be even worse when we have to depend on technology to think, work, interconnect, or even respire.

Our intelligences have been so seriously engaged with up-to-date technology that despite its negative effects, we get a superficial gratifying sensation. And we compulsively reply to that feeling to get even more of it without appreciating the negative effects of technology to human lifespan.

Today’s Technology

The Human history has witnessed many ages including the Ice age, the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, etc. Each age was accountable for conveying a new technology. Technology is ever changing. Today, they say we exist in the info age, some call it the digital age, and others refer to it as the internet age.

Negative Effects Of Technology

Technology has now turn out to be very exploitable owing to the fact that it is affordable and highly available.

In the 21st century, the 7,279,236,500+ human population (the plus sign indicates that the population is still growing at the moment) surprisingly witnessed a substantial decrease in the price/rates of technologies these days, hence technology is affordable by even the common man on the street.

Negative Effects of Technology

The greatest hazard technology poses are the fact that humans are not able to realize when to bound its usage.

Although technology impacts us positively, but at the same time it can be the biggest threat to our existence.

Below is a list of some of the negative effects of technology than can affect human existence:

Negative Effects Of Technology

  1. The Invincible Eye:

In the close future, there would be no such thing as confidentiality since the omniscient surveillance system will be able to track every part of your life.Our technological devices will know us much better than our friends and families, since we now devote most of our time to them and share most of information with them. This looks like the darkest side of technology and the start of the end of discretion.

  • Health Degradation:

‘Sitting is now the new smoking’, you heard that before? Damn! I’ve been ‘smoking’ all day. How can sitting degrade health? The more you sit, the lesser is the blood circulation in your body. Constantly starring at the screen of your devices can lead to neck and head pain. It can result in headaches and poor eyesight. Not to mention, that the excessive use of the Internet is linked with depression and obesity. Constantly starring at the bright screens can hamper the release of melatonin – a hormone responsible for sleep and wake cycles.

  • My New Addiction:

We seem to be nearly completely reliant on technology for all things, but for most of the time, addiction to technology is not acknowledged until it’s too late. You’re addicted to your phone, aren’t you? Don’t you feel it vibrate in your pocket even when it’s not vibrating? It occurs with me, and I am definite most people reading this have already perceived this feeling once in their lifetime. I can go the entire day and even the next deprived of eating when I’m playing a video game; I’m pretty sure you can beat my record. That’s my new addiction!

  • Social Animals are now Extinct:

Low level social skills are developed with widespread use of technology. Currently, even business conferences are conducted over Skype or chat rooms resulting in absence of individual touch. The membrane amid the online and offline biosphere is becoming thinner and thinner. I am certain in the impending; it will completely vanish, making it hard to connect offline. With continuous and high use of up-to-date gadgets, we often make ourselves inaccessible from the biosphere.

Negative Effects Of Technology

  • Crime Rate on The Increase:

I suppose we all are conscious of cyber-crimes also known as computer criminalities. Such crimes include online bullying and harassment, fraud, cyber terrorism and warfare, hacking, cracking, cyber stalking, phishing attacks, identity theft, etc.

Some countries making use of technology to spy on other countries; this brings about political pressure amongst countries. Furthermore, nuclear combat can be the motive for mass annihilation in the future.

  • Internet Side of Life:

I think a lot of us have begun living a dual life since of the Internet. Some people are totally different from the things they try to be on the Internet.

Regular human beings should behave the same online as he or she does in actual life.

  • Humanity is at Stake:

With the progressions in manufacturing technology human workforces are barely given reputation or expected to work as competently as a robot. Can this be vindicated on humanitarian basis?

Why are ruthless scenes on the media regarded as a source of deriving pleasure?

Negative Effects Of Technology

I think these days we give more importance to our Social Media home pages that our home sweet home

It is no argument that our business relationships, agricultural patterns, education system, Human health and behavior and the world as a whole are continually influenced by technology.

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It is significant to embrace new technology, but getting totally dependent on technology without overwhelming its drawbacks poses such great danger. This article would teach you how to decrease the negative effects of technology on human life.

Negative Effects Of Technology

Humans are supposed to take charge of technology and not be governed by technology. It is consequently important to create, shape and practice technology in a human-friendly technique.

We have little or no regulation over the administration and other builders of technology, but there are slight things that we can do decrease the negative paraphernalia of technology on human life.

Here are a few tips on how to cut down the negative effects of technology on human life:

  • Understand what are you addicted to:

The first step to duck being slaves of Technology is to recognize what are the technologies you are most dependent to.

It could be whatever like mobile phones, TV, internet, and audiovisual games.

Once you are able to place a limb on the form of technology you are habituated to, you’ll find it easier to decrease the negative paraphernalia of technology on your life.

  • Prevent it if you can:

Here’s an additional tip on how to decrease the negative effects of technology. Prevention is better than cure but if you are already affected then you need a cure.

Don’t allow technology to take over your life. Before it starts impacting you, start reacting to it. I know it will not be easy to walk the path to de-addiction, but you can take help of a specialist.

If you become restless and irritated when your Wi-Fi or 3G network suddenly goes off, then you need to improve as soon as possible because this can result in impulsive behavior.

  • There is no “Like” button in actual lifetime

The real life is completely different from the virtual world. Not everybody would “Like” you in the actual world.

It is true that we tend to have fewer friends in real life compared to the virtual world.

However, it is significant to note that what is original will stand the test of time, and you need to bring the computer-generated friendship out of that digital box in order to make it real! -Another active way to decrease the negative effects of technology.

  • It’s not all about Google:

I know there are many things we really want to find out, and Google seems like the cheapest and easiest way to get such information. But don’t you think looking for everything on Google is being unwise?

Why not try engaging in real life conversations to ask for solutions. This might firstly make you appear stupid but at the end of the day you would be cleverer. There is a whole lot of information out there in the library, read books!

Negative Effects Of Technology

  • Notifications are important, but there is more to life than that:

The world would not come to a halt if you do not read and reply e-mails, twitter mentions, BBM Pings, Whatsapp messages and other notifications as soon as they appear.

Checking mails constantly can actually make you feel stressed. That is the biggest reason for you to be unproductive during your work hours.

I recommend that you check your emails after every 2 hours if your work is highly dependent on mails or check them five times a day. 

  • Start dieting even if you are already fit: 

There is a need to begin a ‘digital diet’ even when you sense you are fit. What is digital dieting?

Digital dieting is nothing but refraining to use any technology that you are addicted to, or you feel that you might get addicted to for a specific period; say 24 hours a week. This is another very operative way to decrease the negative effects of technology. 

  • Out of sight is out of mind:

Before you begin your ‘digital diet’, make sure that you place all the addictive devices out of your sight so that you do not get attracted to use them.

Negative Effects Of Technology

One extra tip I would like to give you is that be lively and make your presence – offline and online, pertinent enough to get yourself observed by others.

You can make yourself pertinent offline by making new friends, getting concerned in them, and being vigilant!

There should be a specific time of the day when you log into your online accounts; this helps your online presence or absence to be felt.

If you have your online business which demands your presence, you can do this every hour, but not too frequently.

Reply to everything including emails, updates, posts, etc. in an hour or two and save the rest of the time for doing something more productive.

It used to be the survival of the fittest, now it rather seems like the survival of the smartest. The more smartly you make use of technology, the healthier your life would be. Why not outsmart your smartphone? Thanks for reading.

Negative Effects Of Technology

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