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How To Get Fat and Gain Weight – Healthy Tips

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How To Get Fat and Gin Weight

How to get fat healthy tips from media111.

More often than none, health advisers focus on how to lose fat and not how to get fat. And at such it might be difficult to get a proper information on how to get fat. Whether you just want to get fat for the fun of it or you have a purpose in mind, maybe an actor that needs to get fat for a role. There are better ways to gain fat than being lazy and feeding on junk. By following the right tips, you can solve your problem of how to get fat and still maintain a good health.

We are going to take through a three part journey

Part One Of Three – Preparing to get fat

1. Pay the doctor a visit.

You should endeavor to get a complete evaluation from the doctor before making any kind of bodily or dietary changes. Your doctor might advise you not to gain weight or get fat if he finds out that you have some medical situations that might make it unhealthy for you to get fat. Situations like high cholesterol of high blood pressure. And it is best to always take your doctor’s advice to mind before making any form of change.

  • Some medical situation will require that you maintain a high level of weight. Some of these problems include Thyroid problems, issues with digestive health, cancers and diabetes which may all result in serious weight loss that may put your health in danger. There are also ill sides to being underweight, such as weakened immune system, hair loss, anemia, and reduced bone density.
  • Another thing that can cause you to be underweight is very high physical activity. As an athlete, gaining some weight is good for you as it will increase your level of energy, and enable you engage in workout for longer periods.

2. Set your goal.

You will need to clearly outline your plan as you go on with your plan to tackle how to get fat and gain weight. How much do you want to get fat? When do you want to accomplish this? By tackling this, and outlining a calendar, answering your question of how to get fat and gain weight won’t be so difficult.

  • First of all, how much fat do you want to gain? This could be a personally set goal or one that have been considered by you and your medical practitioner or dietitian. Whatever be the case, you need a set goal to enable you start something.
  • Don’t forget, the rudimentary way you can get fat or gain weight is when you take in more calories than you burn. So making your plan, you should be able figure out how much calories you need to take in to counterweight the level calories you burn. There are more than a few ways you can go about this. Here is a link you can try out to estimate the amount of calories you burn in a day.

3. Plan to start slowly.

If you start feeding your body with excess calories than previously observed poses a threat to your blood pressure, heart, digestion, and a host of other systems of the body. It is better to start slowly till your body gets used to its new level of calorie consumption. You can start with 200 additional calorie per week or thereabout, then go up by 300, as you proceed. This will ensure you avoid any initial shock when you officially begin to get fat or gain weight.

  • Break your how to get fat or weight gain plan down into phases. Outline how much you prefer to gain within a week or a month accordingly. By so doing, you can gradually welcome your body into the weight gain and rather than kicking off to rapidly.
  • Losing weight happens gradually, the same goes for gaining weight. Adding around 1/2 to 1 pound in a week is a healthy way to begin (achieved by having additional 250 to 500 more calories on your intake daily). Don’t go beyond 500 calories increase per day.

4. Draw up a meal plan

For you to effectively tackle your task of how to get fat and gain weight you will need to consume much more. Take your focus away from junk, and place it on food with much nutrient and calories. There are variety of food with the required amount of calories you need to gain weight that also gives you the needed nutrient to live a healthy life.

  • Your plan should include eating above three meals per day. Say five or more in a day, this can include snacks as the day proceeds.
  • Be sure to maintain a good balance with all your meals. Your meal each time should contain carbohydrates, protein, and unsaturated fats. The above mentioned nutrients will assist highly with your weight.
  • It will be convenient to draw up a new budget to go with your meal plan as eating additionally and making sure you include healthy foods in your diets will cost you more than usual.

5. Plan on doing some strength training

Another thing that will help you to gain weight besides getting fat is getting muscles. All of the nutrients you are eating will become more precious to your body when you carry out some exercise. Involving in muscle building will ensure you maintain your strength and stay in good health while you are gaining fat.

Part Two of Three – Eating the Right Foods

Eat foods reach in unsaturated fats

Fat is needed in order to tackle the quest on how to get fat and add weight. But there is difference in fats. In as much as saturated and trans fat will help you gain weight, they will also bring about an increase in your cholesterol and your danger if heart infections. In the other hand, unsaturated fat helps in reducing your danger of heart infections and at the same time boost your immune system. Do all you can to include fat in every meal you eat.

  • As you embark on getting fat and gaining weight, it will be good to focus on these key words “good fats” to enable you increase your body fat while you still get the important nutrients needed by your body.
  • For instance, peanut butter, fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, avocados and nuts are all high unsaturated fat and calories providers and they will still make available for you the vital nutrients.
  • Consume grain carbohydrates or whole wheat

For energy, carbohydrates are very good source to depend on. Provided you don’t burn away the energy; it will simply save as fat hence an increase to your weight. Beside fats, carbohydrates are high weight contributors. Thus, be sure to prepare for much of it if you really have to tackle your question of how to get fat and gain weight.

  • Your focus should be more on whole wheat rather than white products for carbohydrates. The process involved in the production of white product takes off most of its essential nutrients. Beside carbohydrate, you will also get fiber, crucial minerals and vitamins from whole wheat products.
  • Make use of full-fat dairy products.

The reason why dairy is vital for your diet is because it comprises vitamins and calcium. You will notice that some dairy products come in reduced-fat varieties, but if you really want to add up your calorie and fat consumption, you will have to opt for the full-fat variety. Consume whole milk, also, eat cheese and yogurts produced from whole milk.

  • Instead of sugary sodas (which contains no vitamins or nutritional value by the way), take a glass of whole milk. This will help to increase your fat consumption and at the same time add nourishment to your body.
  • Remember, these types are richer in saturated fats. It is also proven, nonetheless, that full-fat dairy products in fact reduces the danger of heart illness.

4. Include meat carefully in your diet

The protein and fat obtained from meats are vital in tackling the question of how to get fat and gain weight. However, be careful when it comes to red meat. According to studies, too much consumption of red meat can cause cardiovascular disease and numerous types of cancer. In order to maintain good health, take about three to five servings per week. Other times, consume poultry proteins as well as unsaturated fats.

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5. Use Calorie-rich ingredients to improve food

You can keep on eating the same old kinds of foods you used eat, but improve them by adding some ingredients that will help you gain weight. Let’s explore some options that are healthy and effective below;

  • Addition of solid boiled eggs to your salads.
  • Addition of cheese to eggs, salads, and sandwiches.
  • Addition of gravies and sauce to meat.

Part Three of Three – Applying Techniques to help gain fat

1. Stay away processed and refined sugar.

The fact that you are trying to tackle the question of how to get fat and gain weight doesn’t necessarily mean that you indulge on junk food the whole day. Rather, place your attention on high-calorie, high-fat foods that gives vitamins and nutrients. Processed cab lead to diabetes, rotten teeth, hormone issues, heart disease, and a variety of other health challenges. Besides, it contains no nutritional value.

  • Reduce intake of as much sugar food as you can. Foods like Cakes, Candy, Cookies and any other desert food. Because they packed with sugar of course.
  • Reduce or if you can (you should) avoid soft drinks in total. In a single can of soda, there is more sugar than your regular desert.

2. Eat before you go bed

During sleep, your body needs a reduced amount of calories. There is a possibility that food you eat before going to bed will be kept as fat. Make this work to your favor by consuming heavy snacks before you go to bed, alongside strength training exercise. Alternatively, take a nap in the afternoon after having lunch.

3. Shun consumption of fluids for 30 minutes before eating.

Fluid will fill up your stomach and make feel full in advance. In order to stop this, don’t drink any fluid at least for half an hour before you eat. This will help retain space in your stomach so that you can consume the entire meal.

4. Practice proper exercise.

The fact that you are trying to tackle how to get fat and gain weight does not mean you will no longer indulge in exercise. As a matter of fact, it not very healthy not do exercises.

  • Weight lifting will upset your fat gain if not properly done. Resistance training will contribute to boost your metabolism, which will lead to burning of calories. After each workout, make sure you take in more calories to replace the burn and keep up your weight gain.
  • Carry out regular stretch activities. Inactivity will lead to your muscles tensing up and this will put you at the risk of mobility lost. Be sure to stretch your arms, legs, back, and hips on a daily basis to ensure your body is in good and functional state.

5. Make use of protein shakes to bulk up

Besides eating more in order to answer your how to get fat and gain weight question, your body mass can also be increased with the use of protein shakes and powder. There are varieties of products that can provide the protein needed to boost your weight and muscle mass when you rightly combine them with strength training exercises. Don’t forget to use all products as instructed.

  • You can add whey protein, which is by the way a popular product to a variety of drinks. You can make use of fruit, yogurt, and a few scoops of protein powder to blend up a smoothie.
  • You can also purchase variety of protein drinks and bars. For extra calories, snack on these throughout the day.
  • Make you take your time to read labels when buying these products. Most of them are packed with additional sugar, and this can be harmful. Instead, go for products with low added sugar.
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