Sat. May 30th, 2020


About Us

Media111 is an information driven site. We aim to shine a light on as much as possible societal needs. Taking a step at a time towards answering the questions of the society. Also, we bring you the latest relevant news from around the world. Team

Editor in Chief: Agbor Enya

Deputy Editor: Raphael Udonna

Assistant Deputy Editor: Maurice Harold

Digital media

Digital producer: Yolez Visuals

Multimedia producer: Agbor Enya

How our journalists work

How our journalist works

The maintenance of high editorial standards is at the core of

Our journalists picks out only the vital news that adds value to the society to write on and publish.

Verification and fact checking

It is expected of our our staff to use their best endeavors to make sure the stories being put forward for publication are well verified before putting them out.

Corrections policy

If you feel by any means that any of our story is inaccurate, you can contact us through the editorial email to lay any of such complains, and we will definitely look into such stories for verification.