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2go 7.0 Download – Download Latest 2go version 7.0 from

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2go 7.0 Download

2go 7.0 Download

2go 7.0 Download and enjoy– Download Latest 2go version 7.0 from and chat– From this Crucial guide, you can download the 2go v7.0 for your smartphones for unlimited chats.

The 2go mobile messenger (App) has face several transition from one level of importance to another as they have imbibed what people are really looking for in a mobile messenger.

Over the years, though they’ve not actually have a head on with popular mobile messengers like Nimbuzz, Whatsapp, Facebook, Badoo and the likes, but has kept the updates rolling out as they patch-up bugs and make the messenger even more communicating.

The latest 2go 7.0 emanates with amazing features that will keep you stuck on your smartphones. This latest 2go v7.0 will similarly change your perception of the popular messenger in Nigeria and South Africa where it originates from.

Just like the 2go 6.0, the 2go v7.0 syndicates the power of Whatsapp and Facebook as it dishes out astonishing functionalities and features.

Download Latest 2go 7.0.1 and 2go V2.3 Features

2go 7.0.1 is the messenger file that applies to all nonAndroid users while the 2go v2.3 is the version you get to download from Google Play.

Now, the file size of the 2go 7.0 or the 2go 2.3 is 5.10MB which makes it very light and compatible with most smartphones, Symbian and Java phones. Currently, the 2go 7.0 has over 1Billion Google Play.

With the new 2go 7.0, you can change your room privacy, preview profile in rooms (that is, before you add any request, you get to see their profile) and a better navigation.

Accessibility: Right from the Top, you get the ability to view Your profile, Get Go Credits, 2go News, Setting, Log out of latest 2go version 7.0 or seek help with new releases or navigating the messenger.

Smart Setting: Unlike before, the new 2go download 7.0 has a simplified setting where you get to choose your theme from either LIGHT or DARK. You also can change your room colour (text colour in rooms), Offline Notification and download your shares or audio files.

Gateway: 2go download from still rolls over the Gateway setting in the latest 2go download. The gateway is your channel to connect to 2 other social networks and use your 2go messenger to interact.

The two gateways include FACEBOOK and GTALK. They both will require your login details and you get the option of live notification, messages and interaction with your friends from these gateway rights from your 2go download.

2go 7.0 Star – This use to be the main reason why we use 2go messenger – to improve our 2go star so we can showoff in the 2go room as the highest star gets to be on top.

When we attained the ULTIMATE Star (Black Star) we believed that was the end of the road but download 2go from have added 5 additional stars making the ‘Black Diamond’ the top of the chain now. Also, you get to see your star progress from Ultimate to Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond and Ruby respectively.

NEW – Purchase of 2go 7.0 Emotions (Smiles): Yes! Now you can send new smiles to your

friends and loved ones. All you do is purchase the ones you want! You can get these from 2go’s Emoticon Store for a token!

NEW – Sending of Voice messages: This has been a feature that has been much anticipated on the previous 2go versions. This feature was quite the main interactive features of Whatsapp and now, 2go has made it an addition to their messenger.


According to the 2go team, there are just 3 basic ways of increasing your 2go star progress and they are:

Spending much more time on the platform

Chatting on Rooms, inviting friends and multitasking on the messenger

Purchase of 2go credits


For all 2go users, be it v3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 or any other future releases, you will know that, to chat on 2go and do other important task, you need your GoCredit wallet filled with some cash. You can get your 2go download credit now right from the 2go messenger.

The current available GoCredit prices and units available include:

300 GoCredits which goes for N30

525 GoCredits which goes for N50

1100 GoCredits which goes for N100

So, visit the GoCredit section on your 2go messenger and select the amount of 2go credit you want to purchase. This will be automatically be deducted from your MTN, GLO, AIRTEL or ETISALAT line.


Please note that, the official 2go 7.o download webpage is not as many will tell you. No, that is wrong. The .com TLD of the site does not belong to the interactive team but an Invoice company.

The official 2go webpages are and Therefore, channel all your help needs only to the above listed webpages!


Now, let’s get to the main work on 2go download from version 7.0. I made this tutor very simple and easy to understand so that you won’t get confused with grammar or computer jargon.

2go Download For Android Phones

STEP 1: Visit the Google Play store and Search for ‘2go’ or just click here

STEP 2: Install the app and allow to fully download

STEP 3: Once downloaded, click on the app and open.

STEP 4: Fill in your name, phone number and desired password

Enjoy your new 2go messenger!

How to Download 2go for Blackberry and Nokia

You can get your very own 2go messenger on your blackberry smartphones. All you need to do is visit the blackberry app store and search for 2go or just click here

For all Nokia devices, Click Here

How to download 2go on Java Phones and other Platforms

This is how you can download the 2go app right from the webpage online.

STEPS 1: Visit from your device or phone.

STEPS 2: Click on DOWNLOAD NOW on the webpage or just click here

STEPS 3: You will see a notification to download the messenger. Just follow the prompt messages that applies.

STEPS 4: Once the 2go v7.0 is done downloading, open the installer and run app; fill in your name, phone number and password.

2go Login on all Platforms

Once you’ve downloaded the app and registered on 2go, all you need to do subsequently is to locate the app on your phone and open the app.

Once you open the app, your login details are presaved (depending on your setting). All you need to do is type in your login details (if not already presaved) and hit login!

Enjoy your 2go 7.0 experience! If you still have any issues or need help, drop us a comment.

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